These unique ranges have been inspired by the beautiful region of Matakana just north of Auckland, New Zealand, with its rolling hills, sun-drenched countryside bordered by a clear blue ocean. Aromas in our Matakana Botanicals ranges of room fragrance products have been crafted to reflect different parts of this provincial region.

Mandarin & Verbena

Inspired by the citrus orchards around Point Wells.



Rose & Peony

Just nearby is a gorgeous Whangateau Bay which is well known for growing unique red "Whangateau Red Roses".



Lime & Grapefruit

On your way to Matakana look out for the brick chimney in an orchard which grows the most amazing limes.



Cocoa & Vanilla

This is all about the vibe of the local farmer's market where you enjoy the aromas of fresh coffee and food floating through the air.

Shampoo $18.00 NZD
Code: 310028
The Chefs Gift Pack
The Chefs Gift Pack $32.00 NZD
Code: 812070
The Chefs Hand Lotion
360 ml
The Chefs Hand Lotion $19.00 NZD
Code: 330601
The Chefs Hand Wash
360 ml
The Chefs Hand Wash $19.00 NZD
Code: 330600

The Chefs Room Spray
250 ml
The Chefs Room Spray $18.00 NZD
Code: 330603
Travel Size Lime & Olive Hand & Body Cream 30ml
Travel Size Lime & Olive Hand & Body Cream 30ml $5.00 NZD
Code: 300029

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